Youth Aging out of Foster Care in Georgia

Problem Statement & Stakeholder Interview| 4-6 pages Individually, each student will write a clear statement of the problem based on the social problem identified by your team. The problem definition needs to include a description of the following:

Problem: a clear definition of the social problem on the macro level (affects a large number of people), including the length of time of the social problem, has been evident and the cost of the problem to individuals experiencing the problem and those perpetuating/benefiting from the problem (This will need to be very specific. For example, although poverty is a social problem, you can get more specific- low wages, high cost of living, limited affordable housing and so on…)

Arena: the locality or arena where the social problem is evident and where the change will take place (Although the social problem identified may be evident in multiple communities (i.e. police brutality, teenage pregnancy), the team will need to explore a specific location to define the problem and subsequent interventions Population: an exploration of the population that is most affected by the social problem (including demographics). This social problem may affect a diverse group of people but there is most likely a group that the problem disproportionately affects. What are their characteristics? Students will also interview 1 stakeholder experiencing the social problem identified and critically reflect on what was learned from the stakeholder about the social problem. In your critical reflection answer the questions: How does your interview inform your social problem? What were you surprised to learn? Students should develop a list of (2-4) questions prior to the interview. Please include the questions at the end of the paper.

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