Write Critical Book Review of A Magnificent Catastrophe by Edward J.

Assignment: Critical Book Review Format: APA (American Psychological Association)

Length: 5-6 pages (Content) ——— Write Critical Book Review of A Magnificent Catastrophe by Edward J. Larson.———

NOTE: A Critical Book Review is more than a book report, but is a chance for you to give your reaction to the work and author. ——— – You DO need to provide a reference page even if your only reference is the assigned book itself. – Do not use the online encyclopedia Wikipedia as a source. – Do not use an overabundance of quotes in your paper. I want to read your writing not another author’s. – Watch paragraph length. A paragraph shouldn’t go on for 2 pages or more.


– Do not overuse commas…if in doubt…leave it out. Consider the following in writing your critical book review: • –What are the positive and negative aspects of the book? • –Does it cover the issue adequately? • –Does it cover a historical or contemporary view? • –What would you like to see added to the book or taken out? • –How well does the book add to your knowledge of our American system of politics? • –Would you recommend the book to others? Why or Why not?

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