White Paper Assignment Directions

Imagine that you have been hired in the IT department of a medium-sized furniture company in North Carolina.  The CEO of the company is a 72 year-old man who started the company 45 years ago, and the two VP’s are in their 60’s.  All three of them still use flip phones and have limited understanding of new technologies.  In an effort to help bring their company into the 21st century, the IT manager has hired you because you have an IT degree from a prestigious university in the technology mecca of Northern Virginia.  One of the VP’s, a pleasant southern gentleman with pictures of his 11 grandchildren all over his office, loves to come by your desk every few days and ask questions about new technologies he has heard about.  Your IT manager suggests you develop white papers to help others in the company have a better understanding of these technologies and how they might impact or be of use to the company.

Pick a topic of the scope and nature of these ones below (these or something like them, but not the same topics you focused on in earlier assignments).  Find at least 5 sources, but only two need to be “scholarly” research articles.  These others should be reliable sources, but can be from a wider range of modes or media (including videos, blogs, or corporate websites).


·       What is a QR code, how do they work, and what role might they play in our company?

·       How are smartphones changing the way people make purchasing decisions, save money, spend money, and exchange money?

·       What is Bitcoin and how does it work?

·       What is PayPal, and how does it work?

·       What kind of data-security should we have for our company?

·       Autonomous, self-driving cars

·       Drones

·       Facial recognition

·       How do Google and Facebook make so much money?  What are these “algorithms” they have invented?

Review the resources below carefully, and then do the following:

Create an outline that organizes your ideas and supporting evidence

Develop a rough draft that you can bring to class for feedback (at least the first full three pages should be readable).  Note: you are getting a 25 point grade for having this rough draft readable and completed on time in order to get feedback.

Revise and edit so that you have a final draft between 6-8 pages (double-spaced, not counting the cover page and references page)

Include at least one graph, chart, or other data set that supports or illustrates your ideas (with a citation for its source)

Pay particular attention to the aesthetic elements of this document, as they can be more slightly more creative than an academic journal article (see resources below for details


White Papers: Readings and Resources






https://venngage.com/blog/white-paper-examples/ [good video on this site with templates]

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