While on patrol, you come across a group of juveniles

 While on patrol, you come across a group of juveniles throwing snowballs at passing cars in the street. Pulling over, you confront the kids and explain to them the dangers of their actions. The juveniles, in turn, are apologetic and promise to never do it again.

Remembering your youth, you decide to use your discretion and let them off with a warning. A few minutes after you leave, however, this same group of juveniles continues to throw snowballs at passing cars, but this time one of the drivers is startled, veers off the road, and runs into a group of young children building a snowman in their front yard.

1, Were you wrong to let the juveniles off with a warning?
2, According to deontological theory, were you wrong?
3. Does it really matter if you give kids a juvenile record as long as doing so possibly prevents them from hurting others?


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