What do you need to do? * Review the video


What do you need to do?

* Review the video and link related to writing outlines.

* In your textbook, go to the section titled Science and Society

* Type a rough outline of this section.  Use a clear and logical format–introduction, followed by the sub-sections.

* Fill out the outline by recalling the information you have read. When necessary polish by looking back at the text.

* Note that you are just doing one section–not the whole chapter.
* There’s no video included it’s just a video that shows you how to outline.

One effective way to do this is to outline the sections, one at a time, within each chapter. 

Instead of reading the whole chapter at once, take it one section at a time. A section is a chunk of information, usually under a heading. Breaking your reading up into chunks makes it much easier to digest the information.


Once you have read a section, close your book and fill in the key points on the outline you made before you started. Working from memory will help make sure you paid attention to what you were reading and helps you recall the information later when studying.

Repeat this process for all of the sections in your assigned reading, until you have a complete set of notes.


Write in the margins or use sticky notes to add extra information to your notes. Write down questions you would like to ask your teacher, key terms and concepts to remember,  ideas and connections, and review questions for studying.

Avoid the following:

Writing information from the textbook word-for-word doesn’t encourage you to think about what you have read.  Writing down ideas in your own words ensures you understand the information from the textbook.

A common note-taking mistake is writing down every tiny detail from the textbook. Writing too much information in your notes is time-consuming and makes it hard to take away key ideas.

On the other hand, not writing enough detail may not help you remember the information, making studying later on much more difficult.  Focus on the key takeaways and make sure to write down important terms or concepts.

 The material outlined in this link Chp 1 and 2 is an example keep in mind this is taken from a book organized differently than The Good Earth:       

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