Watch movie A beautiful Mind and Split

Task, view the film: the film A beautiful Mind?( Mid-term Assignment due 2/27 Part I: . Write a one-page reflection: What thoughts surfaced in seeing the film A beautiful Mind? (might include moments that stood out as poignant, perplexing, …Also please idenitify:

• Is there something you learned that you did not know? Is there a perspective that you saw that you had not considered; or one that validated something about which you have given some thought? • Did you become aware of something you about which you need to learn more? • Did anything resonate in any way when you consider readings thus far? Please include in your discussion some insight related to the history of how mental illness has been understood and treated, and related to labels and diagnosis. Next task: Looking critically at portrayal of mental illness in popular culture. Film: Me Myself and Irene (Jim Carey). Midterm Assignment due 2/27 Part II What information did you learn about schizophrenia from both A Beautiful Mind and the movie Split? Was there evidence of strong research prior to the making of one or both films? How do you know? Was there evidence of sloppy research (or no research) prior to the making of one or both films? How do you know? Did you become aware of something about which you need to learn more? What resources can you access to gain that knowledge? Conclude with you

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