Vunerable Populations: Refugees (Community Health Nursing)

 Using the provided template (Write in the provided template boxes) Vunerable Population: Refugees 1. Describe and define social determinates and health disparities. 2. Describe the relationship between social determinates and health outcomes. 3. Discuss the health disparities and health issues for a chosen aggregate population. 4. Explore how community health options could reduce health disparities for the select aggregate population And 1. Describe two factors that contribute to the group’s vulnerability. 2. Identify at least two health problems specific to the group. 3. Discuss social determinants which contribute to the health concerns. 4. Suggest health promotion or disease prevention interventions to address their health concerns. 5. Provide rationale for your choices. References are required. These do not have to be research articles, but they must be from the MCHS library database, or a government website. Cite your references in APA format within the table, and list at the bottom, in APA format.

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