Values Paper -CLR-4 Articulate knowledge, values and attitudes that

Description This assignment relates to the following Course Learning Requirements: CLR-1 Explain the need for, and benefit of, sexual health education for child and youth care practitioners. CLR-4 Articulate knowledge, values and attitudes that support your role as a child and youth care practitioner regarding sexuality. Objective of this Assignment A paper that examines their own values about sexuality and sexually related topics and reflect upon how this will impact their practice as a Child & Youth Care Practitioner. Instructions: A) Read the following: • Childhood sexual development (p. 292-304) from course textbook: Human Sexuality in a World of Diversity. • The Sex Ed Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide for Parents by Dr. Laura Berman: B) Write a 4 page paper that examines the values regarding sexuality expressed in these readings and your own personal values using the format outlined below. Content/Format: Headings should be organized as follows: Introduction: Describe the purpose of the paper and explain to the reader what they can expect in the subsequent sections (1 paragraph). Critique: Find one point in one of the readings with which you strongly agree. Identify what you agree with and explain why you agree with it and provide support from another author. Find one point in the other reading with which you strongly disagree. Identify what you disagree with and explain why you disagree with it and provide support from another author. Ensure that you cite this additional information accordingly and include as an entry on your References list. You must use both readings in this section. You cannot use the same reading for both parts of this section. Both your opinions must be supported by another author. If your opinion is not supported, it is not a critique (1 pages) Personal values: What values do you have about sexuality and sexually related topics? Discuss at least 2. How will these values positively and negatively influence how you talk with future clients about sexually related topics? Provide an explanation for each value (1 pages) Overcoming discomfort: Which topic do you feel least comfortable discussing with future clients? Why? What will you do to overcome your discomfort so that you can discuss this important topic with your clients? (1 page) Application to child & youth care practice: Indicate how you will use the information learned through the completion of this assignment in your practice as a Child and Youth Care Practitioner. Provide 2 specific examples (.5 page). Conclusion: Provide a concise paragraph indicating how combatting mental health stigma can have appositive impact on the young people and families that CYCs work with and the importance of addressing this in CYC practice (1 paragraph). Format: o Your paper must include a cover page. o This academic paper must be written in the third person. o The paper must include an introduction and conclusion. o All in text citations and References must be in APA formatting.

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