Updating Annual Toolkit

PROCESS TO USE: The toolkit is 72 pages in total. Excel is 12 pages. 57 manuscripts are needed. 1-Examine toolkit (word doc) aging topics in detail (done) 2-Make an Excel grid, one page for each topic (done, see Excel) 3-Search the literature for new evidence on each topic (Excel has 3 so far on the aging-in-place topic). Needs to be from the year 2018 or newer and from journal articles or .gov/.org websites only. Need 5 manuscripts per topic (only 2 more for the aging-in-place topic since 3 already found). 4-Read and critically evaluate evidence, to keep and modify Toolkit or discard 5a-List evidence kept to update on grid by topic using complete APA format citation (on Excel) 5b- List evidence discarded on grid by topic is separate section on Excel page (see Excel) 6-Save manuscript in pdf form by author last name year short topic (3 on the aging-in-place topic saved, see attached manuscripts). 7-Update Toolkit based on new evidence (save inline edits/track edits as seen on the aging-in-place page in the word doc). 8-Do a content edit/modify as needed (save inline edits/track changes) 9-Update reference lists as needed (save/track changes as seen on word doc) 10-Review all work 5-times. 11-Provide a draft Toolkit (the word doc), Excel, and pdf files of new evidence/manuscripts

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