Undertake self-analysis and reflection to evaluate preparedness for

This assignment looks at you in relation to your professional sector, you will explore and analyse your sector and reflect on your own skills in relation to what you learn. This assignment will feature items which link to the Employability+ award and the Changemaker award. Learning Outcomes addressed by this assignment:

a) Use sources of information relevant to employability, personal development and professional networks in order to analyse professional skills and opportunities. [use of sources (home degree contacts, external contacts, professional websites, journal articles) to analyse professional skills and opportunities in the chosen sector(s)]

b) Undertake self-analysis and reflection to evaluate preparedness for employment and create a personal development action plan. [assessed through self-reflection and action plan with short, mid and long-term targets]

c) Apply examples of own personal and professional development to a specific professional context. [examples in the skills reflection and action plan must be linked to the professional context investigated] *) In addition, you will be assessed on the professional and academic quality of your work Assessment Tasks: You will need to produce a Reflective Skills Report which includes a brief sector analysis, a skills reflection and action plan. Total word count is 1800 Example structure: Title: Reflective Skills Report • Introduction (100 words) • Sector Analysis (600 words) An analysis and exploration of the professional skills required and the range of opportunities available in the chosen sector(s) that you are working towards. This will be demonstrated using sources such as home degree contacts, external contacts, professional websites, and journal articles. • Skills Reflection and Action Plan (1000 words) Skills Reflection A critical reflection on your own strengths and areas for improvement in a personal and professional context with evidence (4-6 skills using self-assessment methods) using a reflection method of your choice. Action plan An action plan of the skills you need to develop for your identified sector(s) that critically details how you can develop further skills and improve on the skills that you have already identified in the short, medium and long term (i.e. use of SMART goals).

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