TWO DIFFERENT COPIES PLEASE This is a two-part task where


This is a two-part task where you will submit both (1) and (2) below as ONE submission. 

1 ) After you complete the lesson and related readings, including the viewing/reading of an expert who shares your passion, come up with YOUR definition of civic engagement. Your definition can be general or specific to your area of passion.  So for (1) Create and submit a personal working definition of civic engagement. The definition must be yours alone and not copied from another or a source.  Customize the definition to make it yours.

2) Conduct an action of civic engagement through the use of social media or in person. For (2) if you opt for in person, you’ll share an image of you being civically engaged related to your definition above. For example, if my definition relates to a passion for being engaged in democracy, I might be looking to get a petition signed or go vote early. I’ll snap a selfie of me & the petition or voting sticker and upload it here for (2) with a caption. Alternatively, for (2) if you opt for electronic or social media instead of in person, you will submit the screenshot of this effort in the Civic Engagement submission along with your definition. So, if you are passionate about a topic, you might opt to use Twitter and a trending hashtag to jump in on offering a summary of what you learned and a fact-checked link from a reliable sourceLinks to an external site. for those that want to learn more. Maybe you will post an image on Instagram that communicates what you are learning with a caption that says the same. You can also send a letter to a representative or senator regarding an issue about which you are passionate. Screenshot that email/letter/fax and submit that here.  In summary, the requirements for (2): do your activity (online or in-person), then submit an image of your in-person civic engagement or other proof of attendance or a screenshot of your online civic engagement activity 

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