THST 3238 – Theology & Science Research Paper

Write an 8 to 10-page research paper on a topic of your choice relating to course content and approved in advance by your professor. Topic paragraph with bibliography, first draft, and then a final revised version of your paper will be handed in by specified dates. You’ll also share your research paper with other students for your group presentation. Please note that your 8-10 pages are text only and do not include bibliography, graphics, or appendices. Any tables, figures, or images must be placed in an appendix, as they don’t count as text. Choose a topic that interests you; find as many good academic sources to learn about the topic as you can, then read these carefully. Only after you’ve read them will you be able to formulate a thesis or argument for your paper. What do you want to say about this topic? Then make a persuasive case for your conclusion, drawing on the sources you’ve read. Papers will be graded on both structure and content. You will be expected to give a clear thesis statement in the first paragraph and to form a cohesive argument. You should demonstrate a full knowledge of the assigned reading and class discussions, using this data to support your argument. Your paper, however, must go well beyond material covered in class. Attention to spelling, grammar, typographical accuracy, citation style will be considered in the final grade. Plagiarism: Plagiarism is theft of another individual’s words or ideas. This includes drawing your information from someone else’s work and not acknowledging that you’ve done so in a footnote, as well as copying someone else’s words directly without using quotation marks and crediting your source. Plagiarism will result in failure of the assignment and may result in failure of the course and expulsion from the university. It’s very important to remember that you’re producing a research paper, not a report. There’s a difference! In order to help guide you in the process of your research, the following items need to be addressed in your opening paragraph (i.e. your topic paragraph):

1) What is the topic you’ve chosen?

2) Briefly, what’s the question or issue of theology and science expressed by this topic?

3) How will your paper explore the limitations and possibilities of this question or issue?


Prepare a thesis statement: state a hypothesis or problem you’ll explore throughout your paper that reflects the convergence of science and theology to address this issue. The body of your paper should also be driven by the following questions:

1) What’s the specific hypothesis or problem your research intends to explore?

2) What do your sources say that give insight into your problem or support your hypothesis?

3) Create a cohesive argument for your hypothesis that addresses your problem. Having thoroughly researched your problem, what conclusions can you draw regarding the convergence of theology and science that you chose?

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