this will be a 5 page research paper on the

this will be a 5 page research paper on the economical standings for turkey. I’ve attached the instructions provided by my instructor. It is due on Friday April 22, 2022. I know it’s a short period of time but if anyone will be willing to do it. I will make a good deal with you on it. Double spaced MLA style. If you have any questions on how or what to do just let me know. Thank you!

This section is on the financial and economic environment of the chosen country. You will be required to assess the economic conditions of the country. For your convenience I have included guidelines that can be used to compile the information. This worksheet focuses on economic growth variables and the balance of payments statement. Also, you can obtain information (for the latest five year period) from the International Financial Statistics (Reference). The financial environment report of the chosen country should examine fluctuations (and the reasons for them) and foreign exchange controls. Illustrate both in a tabular form and graphical form, the prices of the target currency ($ per unit of foreign currency) over time. Also show year-by-year changes in the price of your target currency in the table. In most cases, you can obtain this information from sources like the International Monetary Fund and The World Bank. 

In addition, you should look at the quality of life variables (phones, TV’s, automobiles, education rates, etc.) and compare them with that of the US or some other reference country. The published data is usually not current. To obtain more recent information, it is advisable to look at the Wall Street Journal Index to find relevant economic information on your chosen country.

If possible, find the following information on your target country for the last five years by consulting the International Financial Statistics and other international reference sources.

Interest Rates, Total (Hard Currency) Reserves, Consumer Price Index, Total Merchandise Exports/Imports, GDP, Income Inflow/Outflow, Population, Foreign Direct Investment, & Foreign Exchange Rates can help you present or explain the economic circumstances of your country.

Comment on the Economic Health of the Country, for example:

  • What is the size of the economy? – GDP Measure of Size
  • What portion of the GDP is comprised of Agriculture, Industry, and Service?
  • How well off are its people?- GDP/Capita – Indication of development
  • How well off are its people?- Look at quality of life indicators and consumption indicators.
  • Examine each one the above mentioned calculations and look at the trend of the past five years.
  • Do you think the country is making progress or not? Consider Real and Nominal GDP/Capita growth Rate
  • Do you think it has adequate reserves?
  • Do you think it will practice free trade?
  • Do you think it will try hard to attract foreign capital?
  • Do you think it will allow foreigners to repatriate interest and profits?
  • In general, do you think it will sustain free market policies?

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