The best decisions to bridge the gap between the current

The best decisions to bridge the gap between the current state and the desired state are through the study of research that has been proven to be evidence-based, meaning research founded in trials and studies with positive, successful outcomes. As a healthcare professional relying on evidence-based sources you will reduce errors, save time, conserve resources, and make a safer and better experience for the patient. In everyday life, evidence-based practices make sense; why invent the wheel when we already have it?

Find at least three (3) scholarly sources on stress and time management.

You may use an app or reliable website to assist with learning, but ONLY in addition to your 3 scholarly sources.

Write a 700 – 750-word research paper summarizing the most important findings and describe changes you will make based on the information found in these resources. Be sure to cite and reference the work and ideas of others. APA format is required as below.

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