Technology Addiction

Description For this project, you will be doing independent research on a topic of your choice related to the social impact of various technologies. You will be writing a paper to not only present your findings but also to construct a unique argument supported by these facts. Topic: Technology Addiction (ex: Phones, Video Games, Social Media, etc.) As technology advances, computers and other related electronic devices have become an increasingly large part of our lives. Some even claim that we as a society are addicted to our phones, entertainment, social media, etc, and are becoming helpless without them. To what degree do you think the average person is dependent upon or addicted to these technologies, and are there any mental effects caused by the time we spent on them? Do you think that the creators of these products have their users’ best interests at heart, and do the benefits of these devices and applications outweigh the risks? 4 sources (2 sources must be from Username: abicks Password: catsboston) Create a Research Question

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