Sustainable Tourism and Indigenous Culture Topic Annotated

 complete EIGHT(8) individual bibliographies and each annotated bibliography summary should be about 100 – 200 words per citation: 1.Du Pisani, Jacobus (2006) Sustainable development – historical roots of the concept, Environmental Sciences, 3:2, 83-96 2.Saarinen, J. (2006) Traditions of Sustainability in Tourism Studies, Annals of Tourism Research, Vol. 33, No. 4 pp 1121 – 1140 3.Gilbert, J. (2007). Indigenous Rights in the Making: The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, International Journal on Minority and Group Rights 14 (2007) 207–230 4.Corntassel, J. (2008) Toward Sustainable Self-Determination: Rethinking the Contemporary Indigenous-Rights Discourse. Alternatives 33 (2008), 105–132 5.Ecotourism, Sustainable Development, and Cultural Survival: Protecting Indigenous Culture and Land through Ecotourism: 6.Tourism on Aboriginal Land: 7. Rockstrom, J (2009). Planetary boundaries: exploring the safe operating space for humanity. Ecology and Society 14(2): 32. [online] 8.Jovicic, J. and Dragin, A. (2008) The Assessment of Carrying Capacity – A Crucial Tool for Managing Tourism Effects in Tourist Destinations

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