Strategic Management Case Study: Case #14 – Carnival Corporation

Use the process outline in Part 6 p. 359 of the text entitled: “How to Prepare and Present a Case Analysis” and the outline you submitted in lesson 1 (with any indicated recommended changes) as guidance for the format of this study. In particular, be sure to include an analysis of the following areas of concern in this case study.

This study is to be APA formatted and not to exceed 10 pages (double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt font). -An explanation of the difficulties associated with the multifunctional organizational problems that pertain to the strategic management process, stakeholders, and the corporate Vision of Carnival Corporation. -An explanation of the unique challenges of top management of Carnival Corporation as opposed to the functional management of that organization in identifying Carnival’s opportunities and threats, and create your own external and internal analyses for the company using the information available in the case studies and outside sources. -Your evaluation of the current ideas, issues, and problems associated with the executive management and strategy of Carnival Corporation in its business environment. -Your description of the various models and methods available that you recommend be used to conduct the external and internal analysis.

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