Social and economic impact of network neutrality

Write an individually authored paper, with a length of at least 1,000 words. This paper needs to:

Discuss the social and economic impact of network neutrality. But you have quite a bit of leeway in how you do this. To make your argument more convincing, I suggest you use one of the ethical principles we have discussed (Kantian, Utilitarian, Social Contract). “Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers and governments regulating the Internet should treat all data on the Internet the same, not discriminating or charging deferentially by user, content, website, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or mode of communication.”

Your paper should explore some of the central issues encountered in the debate over network neutrality, specifically considering social and economic impacts. Please make your material current, specifically including information on the FCC vote that was held on December 14, 2017. I encourage you to not just pick a side based on how you feel I might align on the issue. In the same note, do not begin this paper with a thesis statement without doing some research. Instead, try to perform lots of research and come to a conclusion before you begin.

Then once you have your main thesis statement that is created from your research, begin writing your paper. There is quite a bit of informaiton on both sides, so be sure to include good counter arguments to your main thesis. To begin, you can read and . Another good, but older article is, You can frame your thesis statement in response to some or all of the FCC rules ( but this is not required. As with Assignment 1, study the issue and pick a side. Pick a position on the issue and then make a claim – give a thesis statement. A thesis statement declares what you believe or claim, and what you intend to prove or support with an argument. Use logical reasoning, examples, and research to support your argument. A good thesis statement makes the difference between a thoughtful paper and a simple retelling of facts. • In the process, you may summarize the main ideas. For example, who are the stakeholders and who benefits how? • What are the most recent legal decisions? • In conclusion, what do you think should happen? What do you think will happen?

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