Rhetorical/Genre Analysis about the article “Why Scientists are

For this assignment, you will be writing your Rhetorical/Genre Analysis paper. Need to cover all the requirements below. Sources can be up to 5 if needs. Choose one or two articles, chapters, substantive videos/podcasts that deal with some aspect of science (imagined broadly). Once you’ve chosen your article(s), read it carefully, slowly, closely, etc. And write a paper in which you analyze the ways that the article uses rhetoric to make meaning.

You’ll need to consider not just where and when the article uses ethos, logos, pathos, or what the rhetorical situation is, but also how the appeals are being used, and what makes this use effective. Rather than merely identifying the different aspects of the rhetorical situation, you’ll need to consider how and why these aspects of the situation are important and how they shape the meaning of the piece and why these might be important in conveying scientific knowledge. As part of this discussion, also consider what genre the article seems to be enacting, and what aspects of the text lead you to this interpretation (types of genre might include: academic writing, primary research, journalism, satire, reference writing, comedy, fiction, etc.). If you are writing about two articles you’ll need to put them into conversation with each other in some way. You may, that is, want to choose articles that are intended for different audiences and consider how and why they enact different genres, and use rhetoric differently to accommodate their specific audience. You may want to consider two different articles that seem to be meant for the same or similar audiences, but which enact rhetoric differently, etc.

In any case, if you choose to write about two articles don’t let them sit on opposite sides of the room staring at each other like they’re at a middle school dance… get them out on the floor and get them interacting with each other. Higher grades will be earned by students who: -Are detailed and thorough in their discussions (i.e. address all relevant aspects of rhetoric) -Consistently use specific examples from relevant texts (i.e. use quotes) -Consider the ways that various aspects of rhetoric interact and inform each other in the piece -Move beyond summary and obvious conclusions -Consider not just “what” their article is saying, but also “how” it is saying it and “why” this might be important -“Show their work” -Display a solid understanding of the framing concepts that we’ve discussed so far this semester (paradigms, knowledge as socially situated, rhetoric, etc.) Minimum Length for this assignment is 1200 words (roughly 4-5 pages in standard format)

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