Population Modeling Exercise

 Assignment 4 will require the use of R and WiSP software. Please review the materials below. To receive credit for this assignment, you must upload a document file containing a screenshot that captures your results (showing that you input the appropriate data into WiSP through the final step of the instructions). To receive full credit, you must submit a document (you can build this in Word and save as a pdf) that includes a screenshot of each step of the process, including all figures generated, in addition to the text screenshots. You will be using the example provided in the instructions document to complete this assignment. Finally, add a paragraph at the bottom of your work that includes a summary/explanation of the exercise results and your “student learning point(s).” ****Please review this information on the statistical package R – https://www.r-project.org/ There are several websites, proceedings, and resources that cover Wildlife Simulation Package (WiSP) for R, which is essentially a library of functions for use in R. RUWPA – WISP Wildlife Simulation Package – https://creem2.st-andrews.ac.uk/software/wisp/ Zucchini, W., Borchers, D., Kirchfeld, S., & Erdelmeier, M. (2003). A wildlife simulation package (WiSP) (pp. 141-146). In W. Härdle, & B. Rönz (Eds.). Compstat: Proceedings in computational statistics. Berlin, Germany: Springer-Verlag. Retrieved from http://www.interfacesymposia.org/I03/I2003Proceedings/ZucchiniWalter/ZucchiniWalter.paper.pdf WiSP Instructions and Tutorial Instructions for Install on a Mac A few pointers that students have found helpful: Do not unzip the WiSP file. Instead, insure that the file (wisp_1.2.6.zip) is still zipped, because the import step for Windows and Mac frequently does not work if you unzip the file. If the file is not wisp_1.2.6.zip rename it so that it is. You can copy and paste the commands from the WiSP instructions but be aware that non-letters (e.g., quotation marks) frequently are not pasted correctly into R. Consequently, it’s best erase all quotation marks in R’s console and type them yourself.

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