Personal Ethical Action Plan – BA 354 Winter 2019

The purpose of this assignment is to help you prepare yourself for future ethical dilemmas by developing a Personal Ethical Action Plan (PEAP). Due dates: Due dates for individual parts and revisions are listed on Canvas. Submissions: Submit BOTH a hard copy and electronic version for all parts of the PEAP. Content Resources: • Topics covered in class (discussions, activities, assignments). • Readings from the Giving Voice to Values (GVV) book. • You may supplement with additional research/resources if you would like. Assignment requirements: • 2000 words minimum word count (not including appendices or references). • For each of the six parts you will submit an initial version, and then a revised version. • Cite any resources you draw from using APA format, and follow appropriate rules regarding quotation and citation.

• Use standard writing conventions and follow appropriate rules regarding quotation and citation. You will also want to include: • An introduction and a conclusion. • An appendix, or appendices. • A reference list, citing any resources you draw from using APA format. Writing guidelines for each of the six parts: Part 1: Core values List and discuss your core values (usually three to five core values). The “Funeral Exercise” and the “Five People, Five Attributes Exercise” should have helped you to tap into your deep, fundamental (core) values. These exercises should be included in an Appendix that appears at the end of your document and the appendix should be referred to in the text of your paper. Drawing from what you learned during these assignments about what you value most in life, and what you hope to accomplish in it, describe your core values. Be sure to discuss how you identified these core values and how you envision them helping you in future ethical dilemmas. Consider dedicating a paragraph to each of the values you identified.

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