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From my understanding of the reading a child who is begotten is made from the love of a mother and father.  A child who is made is then made through artificial means.  I do not agree with this. I believe if this were true then parents in loving committed relationships who want children should be able to have them, because that is love.  This also leads to another point, if children are to be begotten by the love of a mother and father then why do people who have experienced rape get pregnant, this is not an example of love from a mother and father. 

My sister and her husband were not able to conceive by natural means and had to resort to in vitro, they had longed to be parents and it was the only way possible.  They are in a loving committed relationship, married, and devout Christians. They are also great parents to the 2 children they have been able to have since in vitro.

In the reading one quote stuck out for me, “From eternity the father begets the son that is, gives all that he is and has to the son.”(Meilaender, 2013)  I believe this is powerful because if you have a child from whatever means and are able to raise and nurture that child then you should be able to do so.  However with that being said I do not believe that it is ok to have genetic testing done in order to have a specific child. I personally believe that is taking it too far.   I believe we are given the children we are supposed to teach and those we are supposed to learn from. Whether that be from natural means, adoption, or in vitro. 

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As a medical professor, it is important to approach the topic of infertility and assisted reproductive technologies with sensitivity and understanding. It is evident from Lauren’s post that she has personal experience with this topic, having a sister who underwent in vitro fertilization. It is important to acknowledge and respect the varying beliefs and experiences of individuals and couples who pursue assisted reproductive technologies. As medical professionals, it is our duty to provide accurate information and support to those who seek our guidance. We must also consider the ethical implications of genetic testing and ensure that our actions prioritize the well-being of the children and families involved.

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