Optimum Mitigation Strategies to Curb Security Challenges in Cloud

Specific day, time and location of your proceeding will be advised for Week 7. You will be

grouped in a three-hour thematic session, in which you will be required to present your project.

An expert will chair the thematic session, to establish your knowledge and project development

to date you will be assessed by a panel of academics (likely not your supervisor). The sessions

will be open to include the learning community and respective industry representatives.

Note this project presentation is a snapshot of your progress to-date and the required format is:

You will provide an overview of the project.


You will define your product and its current stages of development.

You will discuss the findings of your research to-date.




Include detail script on each slide in the note section.


• Must be no more than 8 slides.

• Camera-ready PDF file submitted to Moodle by Week 6, Friday, Midday.

• Presenting time of 6 minutes, in Week 7 thematic sessions.

An outstanding concept and design of the highest standard. Clearly defines use case and innovatively addressing requirements. Evidencing excellent development of product. high level of design and innovation taking into account of user/audience requirements.

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