Operation of Deaerator and its working principle

Report Task and Details

In partners or groups of three, you will write a detailed 2000 to 3000-word report about a topic related to your field/technology.

Report structures might include or relate to the following:

Detailed process or mechanism description aligned with the purpose of an SOP

Proposed logical solution to a relevant problem

Analysis of a failure and recommendations for future

Detailed cause and effect analysis and recommendations for the future

Comparison of related criteria with a recommendation

  Report topics might include or relate to the following:

Sustainability initiatives

Real-world building operations, processes, technology, or mechanisms

Historical moments and/or changes in industry

Future developments in the field

Safety-related theory and practice  


Report Writing Considerations


Your report should aim to demonstrate the ability to work with quality research and to write proficiently using the English language.

Each student may identify sections of the report they wrote, so that individuals receive feedback on their own writing.

Any writing that does not appropriately use citations cannot be assessed. The work will receive a mark of zero for content, organization, and writing. The instructor will check the revised work for added citations only, but will not remark the work.

In some cases, your report, and other documents related to it, will need to be signed off by a subject matter expert (SME).

When submitting documents for marks, you must submit one electronic copy to Moodle and one hard copy to you instructor.

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