Nursing -Nutritional Assessment

* 800-1000 word APA format * conduct a nutritional assessment of a child (6-15yrs old) and an older adult (over 75 yrs old) BOTH of a culture other than your own. * identify and describe both individuals but do not use names, initials only. * identify and discuss the cultures of each * include height weight and bmi * discuss at least 4 food preferences for each client – may be cultural or personal * discuss each client’s current diet and why it is important to provide a nutritional teaching plan you are creating * analyze your data and choose a minimum of 4 priority nutrition problems (2 for the child and 2 for the older adult).

You may refer to My Plate when analyzing the data * create 2 comprehensive nutritional teaching plans, one for each patient that is culturally acceptable to each client – address personal and cultural needs for each individual * include at least 4 recommendations with rationales for each client * include rationales for all recommendations * cite at least 3 culturally appropriate outside resources

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