Nursing Care Plan Case Study

Description The assignment is part 1 and 2 Here is the case study Patient Profile E.G. is a 41-year-old male who presents to the emergency department complaining of severe right back pain that started a couple of hours ago, right after he finished his daily run. He has a history of gastroesophageal reflux disease, for which he takes famotidine 20 mg PO once daily at bedtime. Has been training for a marathon and has been running at least 10 miles a day, but today was so hot that he only made it 6 miles. Shortly after his run, the pain in his right back/side started. States his pain is a level 9 on a 1-to-10 scale. States the pain is constant, nothing seems to make it better, and it does not get worse with movement. Denies any pain or numbness in his legs. While training, he has been supplementing his diet with protein shakes. Denies using performance-enhancing drugs. Physical Examination * Temperature 99.6° F, pulse 78, respirations 16, blood pressure 122/80 * No musculoskeletal pain or tenderness in spine * Right flank tenderness to fist percussion Based on the initial clinical manifestations and exam findings, the health care provider orders a urinalysis. At first, E.G. is unable to urinate, but after drinking several glasses of water, is able to obtain a clean-catch urine specimen. Diagnostic Studies Urinalysis * Color: Dark, smoky color * Odor: Aromatic * Protein: None * Glucose: None * Ketones: None * Bilirubin: None * Specific gravity:1.035 * pH: 6.2 * RBCs: 11/hpf * WBCs: 3/hpf * Casts: None Note: Because you are not in the clinical setting, you are required to complete a physical head to toe assessment on a friend, buddy, colleague/peer (as you would in the clinical setting and document this information in the patient assessment form. As you may noticed all the information required for the patient assessment and information forms are not included in this case, please ensure you document what given in the case in addition to your physical head to toe assessment of your friend, buddy, colleague/peer

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