NURS 650: Spring 2019- Reflection

Reflection (15%) – Patient preferences and values are an important part of the evidence-based practice equation. Literature can offer nurse practitioner students an opportunity to remain sensitized to patient preferences and values. Literature also offers nurse practitioner students multiple perspectives on health, families, cultures and communities. Students will read the book, Until Tuesday: A Wounded Warrior and the Golden Retriever Who Saved Him (2012) by Luis Carlos Montalván and Bret Witter, and will use and complete the reflective guide provided. Students, based on this reflection, will write a short (up to 2 pages of content, does not include title page or reference page) essay focusing on a theme or themes they identified across their reading and they find relevant as it relates to their own learning and practice. Please follow APA for this reflective essay for formatting, referencing in your paper, and listing references, an abstract is not required.


Part I: Use the attached table as you read, Until Tuesday, to record quotes that you find meaningful in understanding Luis’s preference and values, and perspectives he offers on health, families, cultures and communities. Across your reading you should identify and reflect on a minimum of 12 examples/ quotes from the book. As you read, notice what you find yourself reacting to. Include the direct quote from the book (if you are listening to the audiobook please see information below on how to cite your direct quotes in APA). Acknowledge how what you read made you feel, and why, write that down, from a feeling level. Now let yourself shift to your professional self, reflect on this experience of Luis and describe why this is interesting to you and how it relates to your own learning and current and future practice. Your table of quotes must be completed and submitted as an appendix with your essay.

Part II: Identify a theme or themes across your reading reflections, and choose one of your themes as the organizing concept to develop and write your essay. This reflective essay in not a book report, it is an analysis and synthesis of preferences and values that provide an opportunity for you to remain sensitized to human experiences in your practice.

Reflective Reading Table

Examples from Book

(use direct quotes from the book and properly attribute then by using APA 6th edition style manual for each quote)

My Reflective Feelings

My Reflective Thoughts










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