New Insights on the Nutrition Status and Antioxidant Capacity in

write the paper in the A-B-C-D BULLET POINTS FORMAT and answer these 4 questions about the empirical article. a. What question(s)/hypothesis(es) did the authors address with their research? What is missing from our understanding that made it important to do this new study? b. How did they do the research? That is, what techniques or methodologies did they employ to answer the question(s)? (No great detail here; avoid writing about aspects of the method that you do not understand at all, such as complicated statistics or physiological techniques). c. What did the authors find? (again: No great detail here, just a summary of the data) d. What are the conclusions of the study? PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY QUOTES FROM THE ARTICLE. We need to write everything using our OWN WORDS. Need to include the APA-style citation.

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