National Health Coverage plans (paper OR powerpoint)

 National Health Coverage Plans, Reimbursements, and Quality For this assignment, you will examine the importance of healthcare coverage (insurance). You will also examine how reimbursements (payments) from healthcare plans are impacted by quality of care. Start by describing the purpose and importance of Medicare and Medicaid programs. Support your position by describing how you agree with or disagree with the purpose and intent of these plans. Next, you will review healthcare coverage options offered by both plans that benefit (facilitate) and hinder (limit) patient’s access to care. Examples of healthcare coverage (insurance) options that facilitate or limit access include medication coverage, primary care physician office visits, specialist’s physician office visits, emergency care, lab or blood work and diagnostics, wellness care, prevention services, surgery (these are just a few examples). You will also explore the role of Diagnosis Related Groups (DRGs) and charity care within healthcare facilities (hospitals) and explain how charity care impacts the vulnerable or uninsured population. **You will not discuss the deductibles or costs of the insurance plans as this is not the focus of this this assignment. Please do not use tables or seriation as you need to discuss the options. All submissions must have a minimum of two scholarly references to support your work. Examples of work to show mastery: 4-5 page paper – APA format 6-7 slide PowerPoint presentation – APA format **can be either the PAPER OR POWERPOINT format writer preference

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