You are a marketing consultant to a local firm and the company is targeting to expand its territory globally. Students are required to choose a local firm in any industry and complete the following tasks:

1. Suggest a suitable host country and the most effective entry mode.

2. Analyse and justify the marketing strategies could be used by the company to get into the host country with respect to social or ethical issues the company face in the host country.

3. Conclusion (Highlight possible pitfalls and prevention actions). 

Detail of the assignment:

 This is an individual report in which students are required to address specific questions as stated above.  Your reference sources may comprise of the following:  Text or reference books

 Journals and articles  Valid internet resources

 Reference list (at least 10 references, with at least 5 academic reference and separate academic reference from non-academic reference) tions and to make justifications on the given points.

 Length and style: The report should be of 2,000 words (maximum), excluding the cover page, table of contents, executive summary, references and appendixes. The report must be written using 1.5 spacing, Times New Roman, font size 12.


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