Micro biology

Microbiology (use few sentences to make your points) 1. Do you consider viruses living or not, explain your answer in full. 2. What is meant by the central dogma? Could it be applied to the way viruses produce proteins? 3. What is Cyanobacteria and what is its role in microbial evolution? 4. Why there is a need for a new flu vaccine each year while the smallpox vaccine was used repeatedly? 5. You have been presented with this sequence of codons: GUU,UUU,CCU,ACA,GAU,UGA, translate this into the appropriate amino acid and code. 6. What are the properties of water that makes it essential to life? Based on your answer explain why then viroids were the first living organism yet they do not have water in them? 7. What evolutionary steps the capsid went through and why? 8. What are the differences between class IV, V, VI & VIII of viruses? 9. What are the main differences between a viroid, satellite viruses and virusoid? 10. Why a viral capsid does not protect a virus from dehydration and why viruses cannot produce their own energy or contain any water?

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