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Description First Writing for Paper One: Summarizing/Quotation “They Say/ I Say” Chapter Two and Three Assignment: This Writing should be two (2) pages and follow MLA format and documentation, including a works cited entry. Two articles from Chapter 18 are the basis for the writing: Michael Pollan “Escape from the Western Diet” (420) and Mary Maxfield “Food as Thought: Resisting the Moralization of Eating” (442). The sources are shown in the writing by way of paraphrase and quotation. The Writing is ten percent (10%) of the grade. Two approaches seem possible. First, the sources are treated separately, one is quoted and the other is paraphrased. Alternately, the sources are presented as connected so the writing will move from one source to the next. With both options, the emphasis is the same: the source material selected offers your reader a complete and effective structure that does not contain errors or plagiarism and does perform its respective task, quotation and or paraphrase. The most successful writing offers a presentation that makes effective use of the They Say” creating a ‘thoughtful’ contribution to the “conversation”. Some thought needs to be given to the “interest” for the source material, what delivery is being given, toward what goal. It may be that your interest is best reflected by working with both pieces joined and using paraphrase and quotation with both pieces. This approach is possible but following the guidance from our book in Chapter Two and Three, it may be useful to restrict the quotation so that enough follow up writing gets presented.

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