Media Journal 9: Advertising

Media Journal 9: Advertising  Minimum 2 full pages (your writing goes all the way to the bottom of page two), not including cover sheet. No abstract required.  Write using multiple paragraphs, each of 8-10 well-developed sentences. No formal thesis required. Organize your journal as you see fit. What to do:  Using YouTube or Google, find two commercials for two similar types of products (two ads for mascara, for example.) or two similar types of services (like two adds for air travel.).  Both ads must be the same type—either products or services. Don’t have one ad for a product and one ad for a service, that is.  Copy and paste each ad’s link into your MJ (5 pts for each link).  Write your response to the following (30 pts for content): Page 5 of 6  Describe the product or service shown in the first ad. Describe the production of the ad. For example, is there a prominent image, or is text more prominent? If there is an image, what emotions does it evoke? Is the ad in color or not? Is there music, and if so, what is its effect? Etc.  Do the same with the second ad.  Discuss the similarities and differences between the ads. How can you account for these similarities and differences? Think not only about the composition of the ads themselves but also the intended audience(s) for the ads.

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