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Classification & Division Essay Prompt Classification and division asks that you take a complex topic, split it up into parts, and then place the divided parts into various categories, based on the purpose of the essay. First, you divide a complex and difficult topic into categories (sub-topics) for clarity and explanation purposes. Next, you determine what information fits into those categories and divide accordingly. For example, the newspaper divides a complex topic (news) into different categories: sports, international, local, lifestyle, etc. Deciding which news coverage goes into which category is the newspaper’s act of division. In this 3-4 page essay, your classification system must show an understanding of rhetorical techniques and methods and how they are used in various media texts to manipulate and persuade the audience. Therefore, your purpose will be to divide examples of mainstream media by how they influence their audience using different argumentative techniques, as will be discussed in class. The chosen media is up to you, but I suggest narrowing the topic to a type of media or genre and dividing specific examples within that genre. There is an example essay given in the Blackboard module that divides TV commercials into their rhetorical appeals, for instance. The example essay reading in Blackboard is a student model, so it is not perfect and should be used as a model, not as a template. You can deviate from its example as necessary. In this essay, you will develop the following skills: Develop a clear, concise thesis that identifies the media and rhetorical strategies to be discussed and provides an organization cue (roadmap) to the rest of the essay. Identify different rhetorical strategies as a classification system in clear Point sentences. Clearly Explain your reasoning behind your division of the media into the rhetorical categories. Clearly delineate between categories within that system by implementing transitions and sign posts throughout the essay. Properly integrate and cite media examples into the essay.

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