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Summative assessment: 2,500 word essay, which provides your graded mark for the overall module; 100% of final mark. Analyse and critically discuss the nursing assessment, management and evaluation of the impact of living with a long term condition. The assessment is a case study written in the third person as an academic essay and should include:

1. An introduction to the scope and purpose of the essay: A brief overview of the long term condition and the pathophysiology Incidence and prevalence Impact on individuals

2. An overview of the patient (please acknowledge consent and patient confidentiality with the use of a pseudonym): Demographics e.g. age, sex Social history e.g. marital status, occupation Medical history

3. The main body of the text should identify and discuss one patient problem/need providing a clear rationale for the choice of the problem/ need and how it relates to the person’s long term condition. You need to focus on the patient holistically and address the physical and psychological/ psychosocial aspects of the problem/need: Analyse and critically discuss the nursing assessment, Analyse and critically discuss the management, and Analyse and critically discuss the evaluation.

4. Provide supporting research evidence and include relevant clinical guidance and health policy e.g. pharmacological/ nursing evidence from the BNF, nursing and medical journals accessed via an electronic database 5. Provide a clear conclusion drawing together your argument for the planned nursing care. 6. Your essay must have a complete and comprehensive reference list – please refer to the college referencing guidelines 

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