Description s hould include:  Name of magazine  Concept – how is your magazine different from existing magazines? To see examples of magazines in various categories, go to Barnes and Noble or Amazon’s Magazine Subscriptions list.  Readers – demographics and psychographics (may include age group, gender, ethnicity, income level, interests, attitudes, self-image, self-identification, habits etc.)  Other magazines serving this demographic/psychographic (your competition) – your investors will want to know how your magazine is different or better?  Five advertisers who you think would like to reach your readers.  Five articles you might include in your premier issue — These can be the “cover lines” highlighted on the cover.  Draw (or describe) your proposed cover. What is the cover image? What are the headliner “cover lines”?  Here’s an easy template to create a cover electronically. You can also use Illustrator, InDesign, etc.


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