It is time to put all the parts of the

It is time to put all the parts of the esay together. Before you submit it in one MSWord document, please revise and edit it carefully; simply putting the pieces together without significant revising and editing will not gain you many points.

  • Revise your introductory paragraph with your hook, 2-3 sentences of supporting details and/or evidence, and thesis statement.
  • Revise all three of your body paragraphs. Make sure you are putting your best arguments forward.
  • Do not use direct quotes. We are focusing on paraphrasing ideas from outside sources in this class.
  • Revise your conclusion.
  • Revise the whole esay using ARMS (add, remove, move, substitute).
  • Edit the whole esay using CUPS (capitalization, usage, punctuation, spelling).
  • MLA format
  • All parts to esay are attached.

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