Is it true that sticks and stones may break your

Is it true that sticks and stones may break your bones, but names will never hurt you? In “Redskins: Insult and Brand” (pp. 554-562), C. Richard King clearly hoped that the Washington Football Team’s owners would one day change the team’s name and its logo. They did in February 2022, when they announced the team’s new name would be the Washington Commanders.

What forces – historical and contemporary – led to the change, both the use of this name and logo and the refusal of the owners and supporters to want to change the teams’ name and logo for so long? What current conversation do you see in the news regarding this ongoing controversy? Do you see any logical fallacies, as described in Chapter 5, being presented in the various positions people are expressing or in the article itself?  Where do you stand on it, whether you are a football fan or not?

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