Is Batman Really A Superhero, Or Simply A Rich Man With Expensive

The argument essay is an extension of the synthesis essay. You will continue to write about the topic you wrote about for the synthesis essay, extending the arguments you made in the “synthesis” section of that essay and conducting further research on the topic. For the argument essay, you will take a stand on your approved research topic.

Guidelines: • Length: 1000-1500 words • Sources: 5 (2 will be the ones you used for the synthesis essay; the other 3 should be new.)

• Format and documentation: APA • Your introduction should present your issue, provide background, and state the claim you intend to support (the thesis). • The body of your essay (argument) should summarize and respond to opposing views as well as present reasons and evidence in support of your own position. You will need to choose whether to summarize and refute opposing views before or after you have made your own case. Try to end your essay with your strongest points. • Follow the framework on Allyn & Bacon to complete the essay. • Both The Curious Researcher and The Allyn & Bacon Guide to Writing contain information on APA (American Psychological Association) systems for formatting a manuscript (the margins, spacing, etc. of your essay) and documentation of source

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