Interview of Current Manager Reflection paper

• Interview an experienced manager. Ask the manager to describe current issues he or she is dealing with and how the issues are being addressed. Be prepared with some questions on issues you are interested in knowing more about.

You are not to interview a family member, though a friend of a family member might be a good prospect.

• The product of the interview should be a maximum of a six-page (double spaced) paper in which you summarize the information you received, identify what of importance you learned as a result of the interview, and demonstrate critical thinking in regards to your evaluation of the interviewees responses to your questions. That is, you need to actively recognize what you believe to be of value from the interview as well as critique your interview subject’s responses. In addition to the content, this paper will also be evaluated based on correct usage of grammar, adhering to formatting instructions, and writing quality. • The paper should be a maximum of six pages (double spaced) in length (not including title page). • Include your name and Interviewee Name on a cover page • This paper should be double-spaced, with 12 point Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins, and page numbers in the bottom right hand corner (no page number on the Title Page)

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