International Business Research Topic: International monetary system;

The purpose of this assignment is to provide familiarity with current research in International Business issues. Critical Analysis capacities and be able to go deeper detecting potential gaps in the literature are paramount at this level. Students select an International Business Research topic from the topics indicated in list below and conduct a thorough analysis comparing and contrasting articles selected to show deep critical thinking. The weeks were topics are presented are indicated to the right of each one.

A minimum of 5 peer reviewed articles (within last 5years) and clear correlation to the textbook ¹ are expected to be included in the analysis. Additional material to include at students’ ad libitum is strongly suggested. Also, contrast/compare a few currencies to further illustrate arguments.  The length for the paper should be at least 8 pages not including Reference and Appendix section. Please aim for quality touching on all points indicated in the rubric below

¹ Hill, C. W. L. & Hult, G. T. M. (2017). International Business: Competing in the Global Marketplace 12th edition.

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