In a 6-8 page research, explore a social issue or


In a 6-8 page research, explore a social issue or problem affecting a marginalized group in the US and a solution or resolution to alleviate this problem. Be sure to narrow the focus of your work to a specific marginalized group (or intersection of marginalized identities) and specific issue(s).


The work must be double-spaced and typed in 12pt font. Must follow MLA Guidelines for formatting and citation. No footnotes. Works Cited page is required but is not included in the 6-8 page count (meaning, a 5-page  and a works cited page do not make a 6-page).

An appropriate thesis statement will present the marginalized group and the problem to be solved (as well as the solution, if you would like to lead with it). Body Paragraphs should define the group/intersection for the reader and describe the problem and re/solution.

Use at least 5 sources as support. Look for a variety of appropriate, relevant, and substantial information regarding these groups and issues, including scholarly studies, personal stories, news articles, etc. In an effort to extend as much compassion and humanity to your chosen group and issue, please do your due diligence while researching. Though it is easy to simplify or generalize, be as specific as you can with your language. This is not an opportunity to rant, please present your arguments in a respectful and scholarly manner.

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