Identity of My Name Melitza Burgos

 Description 1302 Diagnostic Essay – My Name Assignment: After reading the article, “My Name”, by Sandra Cisneros, and completing Discussion Board #1 consider the following: 1) While everyone has a name, what does your name, or variations of it, mean to you, your family, and/or your community? 2) Think about what your name would be if it were a color, a day, a car, a tree/flower, animal, or feelings and sounds you associate with it. (Review the manner in which Cisneros creates a name that conjures up meanings beyond the surface to reveal the character’s personality.)Next, write a cohesive and fluid narrative essay addressing the following: Explain the meaning and identity that your name provides in regards to you, your family, and your community. You may focus on your name in the most general sense and describe it in concrete detail; if you wish to be more creative, you may describe your name by analogy or in an extended metaphor. (This will take a large amount of careful reflection – take the time to do this.) Rubric Structure & ContentI.Introduction with Thesis (Thesis should be last sentence in this paragraph) (1)II.Body Paragraphs (3)III.Conclusion (1)•Essay must be at least 700 words in 11pt font, double spaced, with MLA Heading•Must address the prompt•Must be in paragraph form and include detail. May not just list information. •MLA Format – pages numbered and headingPossible 60/100 PointsMechanics & Tone•Commas – must have them and use them correctly!•Incorporate an elevated vocabulary ex. Positive vs. Good•Transitions must be apparent and help the reader to move fluidly from one idea to the next•Proper punctuation and word usage •Elevated and varied sentence structure (no choppy, short simple sentences)

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