Identify ten significant issues, developments, or topics of current

 From the free e-subscriptions listed on page one of the syllabus Identify ten (10) significant issues, developments, or topics of current importance in any field of accounting and briefly describe the nature of each item. There should be a variety of types of issues, including technical, organizational, social (e.g., gender, race), etc. Your Word document report should include a cover page and a body comprised of two sections: Introductory section: Introduce and provide a bullet list of the ten issues, developments, or topics; Main section: Briefly describe (in at least two paragraphs) each item. NOTE: This section will consist of ten parts including a bold, left justified part heading, a one- or two-paragraph description of the nature and significance of the item, and at least two references (web links or article citations). *** Free e-news subscriptions: Sign up for the CPA Letter Daily. (3) Go to and click on Tax Professionals (top), Newsroom (lower left column), e-News Subscriptions (upper left column), and Join e-News for Tax Professionals (about mid-way down) and any other selections of interest. Warning: Some IRS distribution lists generate a lot of email! Go to and click on Newsletters (upper right), complete form and select Accounting, Careers, and any other selections of interest.

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