Hypertension Genetic History Paper

 Description, It is based off of the medical history of my family and my paternal grandfather (which his initials are VB – WHICH MUST BE INCLUDED IN THE PAPER). He has a history of hypertension so that will be the topic of my choosing! PLEASE STICK TO 2 PAGES FOR THE ESSAY PORTION BECAUSE MY PROFESSOR MADE EMPHASIS ON THAT!! The genogram portion has been COMPLETED BY ME so you do not have to do one yourself, just base the essay portion on my genogram! If you have any questions, please ask!! Thank you!! Instructions given by Professor: Genetic History/ Genogram and Interpretation (25 points) Complete a family history from a client of your choosing. Please use this form when completing the Family History Assignment. Starting with the paternal and maternal grandparents, construct a genogram of the client’s family using the appropriate symbols and connections. Include a grid explaining the symbols that you have used. Include parental siblings and the client’s siblings. THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE FOCUSING ON: Type a brief 1 – 2 page explanation of the genogram. Provide a narrative of your interpretation of the family history to include the following: 1. Patterns of disease. 2. Opportunities for patient education. 3. Factors complicating your interpretation. 4. Risk Classification. 5. Identify where more information is needed. 6. This is to be written according to the APA guidelines using 3 peer- reviewed scholarly journals that HAVE TO BE LESS THAN 5 YEARS OLD. Use a title page.

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