HRM4002 People in Organisations Case Study – Report and Presentation:

Question 2. Motivation and effective teams, and presentation

Analyse and evaluate the ways in which ZPG may build effective teams through motivation; identify team development attributes that may contribute to ZPG success. Present your main findings in a presentation suitable for ZPG managers. (Suggested word count – 1400 words including the MS PowerPoint presentation) To achieve this, you will need to discuss motivation and team effectiveness theory within the context of the case study organisation.

You should then present current strategies used by the company by summarising the main findings on motivation and team effectiveness into a PowerPoint presentation. This presentation should be suitable to disseminate to ZPG managers and be no longer than 8 slides and with supportive presenters’ notes. Your presentation must be included/pasted into the one MS Word or PDF file document that you submit. (1500 words incl PowerPoint presentation) (50 marks) (LO’s 1, 4 and 5) 

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