Homomorphic encryption

Information exchange in mobile agents and security risks (focused on privacy)4-5 sentences focus location exchange, why it is needed, how often, privacy issues Vehicular networks as mobile agents and trajectory exchange VANET is a type of mobile agents, focus on how it is structured, V2V, V2I, V2P, V2X two type of transmissions, real-time, non-realtime Aggregating vehicle trajectories using Homomorphic encryption (Homomorphic1.pdf), aggregated data What problem they solve, how, results (what they achieve), research gap, mention it. aggregation among RSUs, RSUs and Cars, two dimensional Proposed idea, emphasize on the novelty. Unlike the previously proposed algorithms, we propose to use HE in a different setting that guarantees the extraction of each vehicle mobility trajectory. aggregation among RSUs

#Homomorphic #encryption

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