History of Black Architects

 Formal architecture education in the United States began with the establishment of the first archi-tecture program in 1867 at MIT, and began instruction in architecture in the fall of 1868 with four students enrolled. This program was also significant for another important first. In 1892, MIT gradu-ated the first black architecture student to be educated in the United States. Robert Robinson Tay-lor who had been courted by Tuskegee University President Booker T Washington to start a pro-gram in industrial arts which was to later become the first architecture program at a predominantly black university in the USA. The first architecture program at this historically black university did not occur until some thirty years after the first program was started in AMERICA (at a white university). The program at Tuskegee was joined by several other black universities and eventually totaled eight architecture programs at predominantly black universities during the period just after the turn of the century. To fully explore these programs and the key people associated with each program at each universi-ty please document your explorations in a typewritten essay on these black architecture programs.

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