Formal Proposal to the MHS Board of Trustees

In Module 3, you selected one service or programmatic enhancement from the Metropolis Health System (MHS) Case StudyPreview the document and wrote a recommendation memorandum with a request for leadership support. In Module 5, you then created a capital budget. This week, you will submit a formal service proposal to the Board. In your proposal, you will provide the following information: A compelling evidence-based rationale for adding this service or programmatic enhancement to MHS. Use the information from your Module 3 literature search, as well as any additional information from the course materials or external credible sources, to support your rationale. A description of how the operating budget will be affected. A description of any physical space needs and fixed and variable expenses. A project management timeline for start-up. A capital budget narrative that includes the rationale, recommendations, and a brief description of how the budget aligns seamlessly and comparably with the financial statements provided in your MHS case study. A narrative on how expenses/assets in the budget align well with the service/program enhancement being requested. A finalized copy of your capital budget that includes any changes I have recommended. Sell your project! Provide a concluding paragraph to persuade the Trustees to approve your proposal. Your proposal should be 5-7 double-spaced pages, not including your title page, reference page, and budget. Formal APA formatting is required for this proposal and will include in-text citations, reference page, title page, and running head.

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