For this exercise, you are asked to complete an Implicit


For this exercise, you are asked to complete an Implicit Association Test (IAT) (for educational purposes only – you are not being graded on the outcome of the assessment) and to share your reaction to the test results and some of your thoughts on the concept of implicit bias in general. 

Step 1, taking the test: Go to the Project Implicit (Links to an external site.) website and select “Take A Test”. You will be asked to consent to continue after reading about the study and how your data may be used. After indicating that you wish to proceed, you will be taken to a list of tests you can complete. For this assignment, please select the “Race IAT” (other tests e.g., the “Weapons IAT” and the “Skin-Tone IAT” may be of interest to you but please complete the Race IAT first). Once you have selected the “Race IAT”, follow the provided instructions to complete the test and view your results. The site estimates that the test will take approximately 10 minutes to complete so plan accordingly. When I completed the test, I needed computer keys to respond so it may be best to attempt this from a computer rather than phone.

Step 2, reaction: First, please briefly react to the test and your results (you are not required to share your results, only your reaction). Was the test interesting to complete? Were your findings expected or unexpected? Do you see any value in having other people (e.g., family members, friends, criminal justice professionals, healthcare workers, etc.) complete a test like this? What impact, if any, do you think understanding our implicit biases could have on racial and social justice issues? Do you support efforts to increase awareness of and address implicit bias (e.g., through implicit bias training) within society?

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